ABO-AC Study Session Spring 2024

ABO-AC Spring 2024 Study Session
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To keep up with the website, webspace, Zoom licensing, and everything in between, it does cost money. So if you can, a donation is much appreciated. Every dime that is donated goes to keeping, maintaining, improving our group via different outlets, storage, everything! I still maintain my promise that everything in this study group will remain free for as long as I am running it, however, free isn’t always free for everyone.

Zoom Study Session Recordings

Week 1: Introductions
Week 2: ABO Test Review and Visual Acuity Presentation
Week 3: Contrast Sensitivity, Color Discrimination (PDF)
Week 4: Binocular Function, Accommodative Function
Week 5: Anterior Adnexa, Anterior Segment
Week 6: Facial Asymmetries and Posterior Segment
Week 7: Ocular and Systemic Pathology
Week 8: Optical Properties of Lens Materials and Lens Designs
Week 9: Optical Terminology, Curvature or Radius and Vertex
Week 10:
Week 11: