May 24, 2024 Update

Well, I finally have a little bit of time to work on our website, and start trying to put together all the details, accounts, organize our class and all that other fun stuff. You will notice that there have been some changes. There is a My Account option on the menu; that option is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and not completed yet, so I wouldn’t sign up for anything there if I were you, as it’ll just be deleted as I work to make this page better for us.

I am trying to turn this website in a “connection” site for all of the data such as videos of the classes, files used in/during the class, and eventually access practice quiz’s, study guides, etc… I really appreciate everybody’s patience as I work on the site and try and get it running. You will notice that I have added a Donate Button. I have made a vow that this study group remain free, but that does not mean that it does not cost money. You are in no way required to donate, but any amount does help. All monies will be placed right back into the site to make our interface much better, paying for the Zoom Licensing, Webspace, etc… Thank you all for everything, and I’ll see y’all’ in class! If you would like to donate here, please just click the link or scan the QR Code!